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Overcome by burnout and self-doubt?

In this online course, we bring together therapists and other mental health professionals to tackle the effects of emotional exhaustion and imposter syndrome.

September 21, 2020
4:30pm Greenwich Mean Time

Course Outline

During this online course, you will learn about the causes of burnout and how to tackle them head-on by building psychological flexibility and self-compassion.

Over six weeks, we examine some key questions, including:

1. Why do we suffer burnout?

2. What is psychological flexibility, and how do you build it?

3. How do I handle work-based fear, shame and anger?

4. How do you deal with self-doubt and imposter syndrome?

5. What can you do to tackle problems with organisational systems and cultures?


Attendees will have access to an online private community so that you can discuss topics, share experiences and offer support to other course members.

The course is as much about the members as it is about the content. While the program gives you a plan designed to build the necessary knowledge and skills, the community offers you the vital support to put it in to practice.

How will it work?

  • Live Training sessions each week for six weeks (90 mins)
  • Slides and Deliberate Practice Exercises
  • Private Online Community with Daily Polls and Questions
  • 'Give and Ask' Member Profile Stories

Jim Lucas

Having let fear and shame control his life for many years, Jim uses psychological flexibility and self-compassion to help people enjoy their work, create closer relationships and build the inner confidence to try out new experiences.

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